The Home Firearm Safety class (NRA Home Firearm Safety Course format) provides safe gun handling information in a classroom-only, non-shooting environment. The course presents the basic knowledge, skills, and explains the attitude necessary for the safe handling and storage of firearms in the home.

Students will learn the NRA's safe gun handling rules; primary causes of firearms accidents; firearms parts; how to unload certain firearm types; ammunition components; cleaning and care of firearms; safe storage of firearms in the home; and the benefits of becoming an active participant in the shooting sports.


The NRA Refuse To Be A Victim® Course was developed in 1993 by the women of the National Rifle Association of America in response to women nationwide who requested crime prevention and personal safety information.  It has since grown into a program for men and women, as many of the subjects are relevant to both.

The seminar includes classroom instruction on a variety of crime prevention strategies, from criminal psychology to automobile crimes to cyber crime. The course provides information about common weaknesses that criminals may take advantage of; and teaches a variety of corrective measures that are practical, inexpensive, and easy to follow.  Strategies include home security, carjack avoidance techniques, cyber safety, and use of personal safety devices.  (Note: This is not a firearms instruction course, nor does it include instruction in physical combat self-defense.)

Home Firearm Safety

Refuse To Be A Victim®

TASER and OC (Pepper Spray)

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